" Our Sister Company "

Opera International Group
Opera is a hearing aid retail and services centers that offer the most recent and advanced technologies and services to its clients.
Opera centers are authorized by the world leading hearing instrument manufacturer PHONAK AG in Switzerland. PHONAK’s latest up to date technologies includes the latest processing , feedback cancellation , background suppressing systems , noise management , open ear acoustics and a lot more are available just at OPERA CENTER.

Meet & Greet philosophy

Patient is welcomed at smoothing , relaxing , specially designed environment, that helps to overcome all negative social stigma’s related to hearing loss and patients acceptance to wear a hearing aid.
There are number of attractive hearing instrument displays for customer to explore and get confident with.

Customer Care
Professional, experienced and dedicated bio-engineers are in charge of Opera customer care. Here at Opera full attenuation is given to individual patient needs and his daily sound environment challenges in guidance with medical doctor orders. 
 State of the art , Wireless Fitting tools are used to fit the needsos elderly, adults and junior customers during initial hearing instrument trials, fittings and fine tuning.
We are strictly observing and assuring hygiene, privacy and medical ethics as per international standards.

Lab technique and expertise
Opened IN HOUSE LAB at Opera is where the customers head to have a look at. 
It is the first of the kind lab in the region, allowing patient to watch alive where and how hearing aid otoplastics are born and being maintained.
Opera lab provides most of the services while patient awaits.Our “LAB in HOUSE” solution helps to meet patient satisfaction and acceptance.

Sales and marketing support
At Opera, we pay special attention and support to our sales and marketing team. We adapt to the market news quickly, and we launch newest products hand in hand with Phonak distribution worldwide colleagues

Contact Opera and get the latest offers.

Cairo Branch:

Address: 6 Suez Canal Street ,Safeer sq. Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt. Zip code:11361
Telephone: +(202) 22 40 60 44 
Fax: + (202) 22 40 60 43
Customer service mobile: 0100 060 57 76

Alexandria Branch:
Address: 165 Port Said Street ,Small Sporting area , Alexandria , Egypt. Zip code: 21321
Telephone: +(203) 5 900 208
Fax: +(203) 5 904 888
Customer service mobile: 0100 087 49 09

Fayoum Branch:

Address: 2 El Central St. , in front of El Sharif plastics ,               El Fayoum. Zip code: 635111
Telephone & Fax: +(084) 631 22 52
Customer Service Mobile: 010 246 11 383 

Minya Branch:
Address: 32 Abd El Monem Riad Str. 'Al Minia61512, Egypt
Telephone & Fax: (086)2 333 040
Customer Service Mobile: 0100 057 95 52

Sohag Branch:
Address: 22 El Moshneb Str. 'Sohag11528, Egypt
Telephone & Fax: (093) 2306469
Customer Service Mobile:  0100 087 24 97