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Sigma designs and manufactures soundtreated rooms for medical facilities. Our product noise reduction levels range from between 35 to 50dB. We use imported materials to build the audiology rooms. Sigma engineers design audiology rooms to fit custom specifications of each customer. We are open with options for various solutions to meet each customer individual needs.

Main features:

1. Room 
  • Soundproofed walls consist of double walls with thickness 60mm each and a vacuum between them for full isolation.
  • Floor is covered with anti-static polypropylene carpet and the height of this floor is 100mm.
  • No direct passage for noise leakage between the joint layers.
2. Door
  • Reversible door with optional double door design according to customer needs.
  • Opening corner wide degree.
3. Window
  • Window consists of a special double safety glass with 6.00 mm thickness.
  • Height from the ground is 120 cm.
4. Ventilation System
  • Silent air ventilation system integrated into the roof.
5. Jack Panel
  • Double jack panel for clinical audiometer connections.
  • 14 jack sockets that adapt any brand of audiometers.
6. Electricity and Lighting
  • Internal illumination using fluorescent lights lamp.
  • Electricity system operated with adjacent switch.
7. Installation and Finishing
  • Clean and rapid installation minimizing building time.
  • Wide variety and selection options for external and internal finishing.
  • Outlook finish provided with sky material and/or aluminum campest sheets covered with aluminum at corners.