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Water Caloric Irrigator
The Aqua Stim caloric irrigator delivers a precisely controlled temperature and flow rate of cool or warm water to evaluate the horizontal semicircular canal during caloric testing.

The Aqua Stim caloric irrigator features an ergonomic handle with replaceable silicone tips. Bright LEDs on the handle illuminate the ear canal and the tympanic membrane (TM). The Aqua Stim also has a long delivery hose of 9 feet for ease in irrigating the patient.

The Aqua Stim uses an external tank of water, thereby allowing the unit to be used in rooms without a sink. The Aqua Stim can warm room temperature water to 30ºC or 44ºC.

The Aqua Stim uses audible and visual cues during testing. A bright LCD display and front-panel buttons provide easy access to control irrigation.

The Aqua Stim can work as a standalone unit or can be interfaced with the Spectrum software.

Software Control
The Aqua Stim interfaces with our Micromedical Spectrum software via USB. When the clinician starts irrigating the patient's ear canal, the Spectrum software begins recording. The irrigation handle provides remote control to the Spectrum software.

The Aqua Stim requires little attention. Simply maintain the water level in the external tank with water. A disposable silicone tip should be used with each patient.

The Aqua Stim water irrigator was designed and is manufactured entirely at the Micromedical factory, ensuring a high level of excellence, attention to detail, and availability of quick service.