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VisualEyes™ is the assessment tool of choice to IDENTIFY abnormalities within the VESTIBULAR system. Objectively document abnormal eye movements caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI); Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV); Labrynthitis and many other peripheral and neurological pathologies.
The VisualEyes™ FireWire Binocular VNG system has been designed for enhanced patient comfort and simplified use. Using one button click in our Spectrum software, the two eye images can be located and centered for optimized tracking. The VisualEyes™ system can be operated using the RF remote, giving the tester additional freedom to be next to the patient rather than the computer during testing.

The VisualEyes™ video nystagmography system is available in both Laptop and Tower PC configurations.

VisualEyes™ Testing Capabilities
  • Nystagmus, positional and Dix-Hallpike, and Caloric tests
  • Saccade, Sinusoidal Pursuit, and Optokinetic tests
  • Active Head Rotation and Dynamic Visual Acuity Tests with the VORTEQ ® option
  • Pupillometry test
  • Electrode-recording option
  • Torsion-recording option
FireWire Binocular Goggles for 4-Channel Systems
  • High Speed data acquisition of 100 Hz for both eyes
  • Comfortable rubber mask that is easy to clean
  • Elastic headband that routes the camera cables away from the patient
  • Provides +/- 45° horizontal viewing, +20° / -25° vertical viewing
  • Large EyeMax™ video display for viewing the eye image on the screen from the exam table
  • One button click in Spectrum locates the pupil centers and optimizes the location of the video image for best tracking
  • Integrated external focus knob and built-in fixation light for each eye
  • Removable cover for vision-denied testing, software controlled guide lights help to place the cover in dimly lit rooms
  • Audio capture integrated into the system for audio annotation
  • Comfortable light-weight goggles weigh only 12 oz (340 grams) without cables

  • Can be combined with USB-based ABR/OAE systems
  • EOG amplifier for electrode capability
  • VORTEQ Active Head Rotation plus DVA-Test Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Torsion 3D tracking - Horizontal, Vertical, and Torsion angle recording
  • Consensual Light Reflex (CLR) testing using customized Binocular Goggles with lateral lights

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