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Clinically Proven to Help You Hear Speech Significantly Better in Noise

Advanced Bionics proudly offers ClearVoice™*, the industry’s first and only sound processing innovation that enhances speech understanding. ClearVoice is also the industry's only sound processing technology that has been clinically proven to deliver superior hearing performance in noise.

The clear choice for confident communication, ClearVoice provides you with the unique opportunity to converse more effortlessly in noisy settings, understand your favorite song lyrics, enjoy the world around you, and hear your best at any moment and any place your day takes you.

ClearVoice Helps You Hear Clearly

Built on AB’s proprietary HiRes Fidelity 120™* technology, ClearVoice has been designed to automatically analyze and adapt to each listening situation that you encounter throughout the day, separating the distracting noises from what you want to hear most—speech.

This sophisticated technology has been developed to help you communicate clearly and easily in challenging listening situations, including restaurants, cars and classrooms—without making adjustments to your sound processor.

Enjoy the Conversation Anytime, Anywhere

The real world is full of sounds from a variety of sources that compete for your attention. Clinically proven to deliver superior performance, only ClearVoice separates the distracting noises from the voices you want to hear so that your conversations can be enjoyed more easily and with more clarity.

Understand the Lyrics of Your Favorite Songs

Following along to lyrics can be a challenge for cochlear implant recipients. Always focused on advancements in hearing performance, AB developed ClearVoice to help you understand your favorite singer on the radio.

Listen with More Ease, Less Effort, Less Stress

Designed for an effortless listening experience in everyday settings from quiet to loud environments, ClearVoice helps you relax and hear your best without needing to change a program on your processor.

The Latest Sound Processing Innovation for Improved Hearing Performance
As the industry’s innovation leader, AB continues to deliver advancements in hearing performance. ClearVoice is the only speech enhancement technology that helps recipients hear and communicate with confidence.

ClearVoice Success in Children
Initial results in adults using ClearVoice showed improvements in the ability to hear speech in noise.6 The Cochlear Implant Program at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa (CHEO), Canada, wanted to see if the same benefit could be seen in children. Twenty-four children already using Harmony processors with HiRes Fidelity 120 were tested with and without ClearVoice enabled.

The results show a significant improvement, with more children achieving higher scores in noise.7 In noise, the children’s mean scores increased from 48% without ClearVoice to 67% with ClearVoice.

Parents of the children were also asked to complete a short questionnaire to report how their child benefited from ClearVoice in everyday listening situations. At least two-thirds of the parents reported that their children found ClearVoice useful in the following situations:
  • Having a conversation in a car–85%
  • Listening to the teacher in the class room–80%
  • Having a conversation in a group of people–75%
  • Using a telephone (including a cell phone)–66%

Improved Hearing in Noise with ClearVoice

The results show a significant improvement with ClearVoice, with more children achieving higher scores in noise.

Children Hear Better in Noise with ClearVoice

As expected, ClearVoice was shown to sustain performance in quiet. However, in noise the children’s mean scores increased from 48% without ClearVoice to 67% with ClearVoice.