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Set It and Forget It
In real-world settings, your surroundings can change from noisy to quiet in seconds. Unlike sound processing from other manufacturers that requires constant adjustments, AB’s AutoSound technology adapts dynamically and continuously to every environment, making it easier for you to hear your best no matter where you are. So when sound levels change, such as from a quiet conference room to a loud crowded restaurant, AutoSound automatically adjusts the sound level just like a normal-hearing ear.

Best for the Real World
The real world can be a noisy place, and hearing in noise represents a challenge for everyone, especially for those with cochlear implants. That’s why AB developed AutoSound to adapt dynamically to every environment, so you hear your best no matter where your busy life takes you - from the office, to a commuter train, to a crowded classroom.

Hear Your Best in Everyday Situations

This independent study shows that AB outperforms the competition in three common hearing situations: quiet environments such as libraries, noisy settings such as restaurants, and soft speech such as a whisper.1 The Harmony System’s high spectral resolution helps you hear in these real-world situations.

And unlike competitor devices, with AB AutoSound technology, there’s no need to fumble with dials, switches, or remote controls every time you move from quiet to loud listening environments.

Hear Your Best in Real-World Settings

Whether you’re in a meeting at the office or your child is listening to the teacher in a boisterous classroom, hearing speech is crucial to participate. This independent study proves that AB recipients hear speech better in noisy situations and group gatherings.2 AB’s unique AutoSound technology automatically adapts to challenging listening environments so that you hear your best in every situation.

Best for Music
One of the greatest pleasures of hearing is listening to music. But listening to music can be a real challenge for cochlear implant recipients. AB’s AutoSound makes listening to music effortless by automatically capturing and delivering the softest and loudest sounds, so you don’t miss a note, from a quiet ballad to a rocking classic. Just sit back and listen while AutoSound makes the most out of music.

Hear Your Best while Listening to Music
This important study shows that Harmony recipients have the opportunity to hear and enjoy music better than ever before.3,4 Harmony’s HiRes Fidelity 120* sound processing is the only strategy that can implement simultaneous current steering to deliver the dimensions of music (loudness, pitch, timing) for a full musical experience. AutoSound’s programmable wide Input Dynamic Range (IDR) and automatic volume control adjust automatically so that you don’t miss a note. And the naturally placed T-Mic Microphone makes it effortless to use your MP3 player.

Best for Classrooms
AutoSound allows children to focus in the classroom without the distraction of making continual adjustments to their processor. Only AB’s AutoSound technology optimizes the volume and sound quality to help your child develop language skills alongside their normal-hearing classmates, even in noisy mainstream school settings.

School-age kids naturally have a hard enough time focusing in a classroom without the additional distraction of needing to make continual adjustments to their sound processor. Your child’s teachers don’t need to worry that important lessons aren’t being heard when your child is hearing with AutoSound.

Hear Your Best for Speech Development

This independent study shows that during the initial six months of implant use, children with AB devices outperform children with competitor devices in developing both the listening and speaking abilities needed to succeed in life.5 That means you can expect to hear “I love you, Mommy” sooner when you choose AB for your child instead of the competition. As your child grows with AB, they’ll have an opportunity to hear their best during those critical years of language development right alongside their normal-hearing classmates in a mainstream school setting.

An AutoSound Advantage: A Wide IDR
An independent study demonstrates that Harmony’s wide Input Dynamic Range (IDR) makes it easier to hear in the real world. Harmony users understand soft speech much better with a wide IDR than a narrow IDR. They’re also able to hear sounds that alert you - such as telephone rings, car horns, doorbells, and alarm clocks - much better with Harmony’s wide IDR.6 In the same study, Harmony recipients preferred a wide IDR over a narrow IDR for listening to music.6 The competition provides a narrower IDR than AB does.

What is IDR?
Input Dynamic Range (IDR) is the range of the softest to loudest sounds that are delivered by a sound processor. The wider the range, the more sounds you hear. Harmony’s AutoSound technology captures and delivers the widest range of sound of any cochlear implant system. With this wide range, you hear closest to the way normal-hearing people do, from a whisper to a shout.