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Redefining Portability

The Callisto™ is a portable PC-based modular system that can include both a diagnostic audiometer and a full featured Real-Ear Measurement module (incl. Visible Speech Mapping).
  • Intuitive – combines advanced testing and counseling
  • Conforms to other Interacoustics Suite Software reducing the learning curve
  • Mix and match Audiometry, REM and VSP
  • Tailored customizable test routines
  • Merge Video Otoscopy into the suite
  • NOAH/OtoAccess™ compatible

Fitting Into a Modern Practice

”Inspired by advanced Audiometry and Real-ear systems, but wrapped in a small package”

AC440 - Audiometry Module
Callisto™ provides all the necessary air, bone and masking features required for basic and advanced diagnostic and clinical use.
  • Customizable test setups, printouts & report templates
  • Visual and auditory counseling tools (Speech Banana, Hearing Loss Simulator, Master Hearing Aid)
  • Digitized word lists from your PC
  • Audiogram historical comparison overlay
  • High Frequency Audiometry
  • Masking Help
  • TEN test
  • QuickSIN (optional)

AC440 - REM440 - VSP440

REM440 - Real-Ear Measurements

Hearing aid technology has dramatically improved over the past decade, the REM440 module accommodates your needs with regards to testing modern hearing aids.
  • Visible Speech Mapping for combined verification and counseling (optional)
  • Multiple speech stimuli in several languages and live voice
  • True ‘On-Top’ mode for fast interactive HA fittings
  • New NAL-NL2 and DSLv5
  • Open Fit capable
  • Directionality testing
  • See data in graph or table mode
  • Quickly switch between Response or Gain views
  • In-the-ear monitor
  • RECD capability

VSP440 - Visible Speech Mapping
  • Visible Speech Mapping makes the fitting process a positive experience by helping the hearing aid user absorb and understand what they need to know.
  • Live Demonstration of amplification
  • Combine counseling & verification with NAL-NL2 and DSLv5
  • Live voice and calibrated speech stimuli
  • Demonstrate hearing aid benefits
  • Encourage binaural fitting
  • Increase client satisfaction
Most basic Callisto™ specifications

Size Length: 1.7 Inches (44 mm)
4.8 Inches (121 mm)
8.3 Inches (212 mm)
Weight: 1.2 pounds (565 g)
Software modules
supported REM440, VSP440 & AC440
Medical CE-mark: Yes

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