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Navigator Pro Scout SPORT

PC-Based Diagnostic OAE System
Scout OAE Software adds flexibility & complements existing Bio-logic brand hearing products such as Navigator Pro AEP System and AuDX Pro OAE Screeners.
Why Do Professionals Choose Scout Sport as their PC-based OAE System of Choice?

Scout Sport’s Windows®-based software features easy-to-use menus with a library of diagnostic OAE protocols:
  • Standard with DP & TE test modalities
  • Built-in diagnostic protocols
  • DP normative data for analysis & display
  • Easily customizable protocols
  • DPOAE maximum frequency range to
  • 10,000 Hz
  • Easily interpreted screen display
  • All numeric data points available on screen
  • Easy-to-use software with pre-loaded DP &
  • TE Protocols
  • Simple USB connection to the PC
  • Full range of otoacoustic emission test capabilities – DPOAE/ TEOAE
  1. Customize protocols to your program needs
  2. TEOAE capability
  3. Reference data information assists interpretation